Voiclet OTO – All 6 OTO and 1 downsell links + Bundle links here >>>

Voiclet OTO links and full sales funnel review, including bundle and downsell links

2022-Dec-12 is the date when Ben Murray released Voiclet. 1 frond end offers, 2 bundle, 6 OTOs and 1 downsells are present in the sales funnel

Voiclet general overview
  • Product title
  • Vendor
    Ben Murray
  • Website
  • Release date
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Voiclet has one front end option called Voiclet Advanced. This product also has a total of six OTOs: Voiclet FastPass Bundle, Voiclet Professional, Voiclet VIP, Voiclet Platinum, Voiclet – Voicely Special and Voiclet VidToon Special. Voiclet also has one downsell called Voiclet VIP-Lite. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the 1 downsell links below.

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Voiclet oto

6 Voiclet and 1 Voiclet downsell links below

Bundle 1 link (Voiclet Bundle Replay)
– > Voiclet Bundle 1

Bundle 2 link (Voiclet Bundle Full)
– > Voiclet Bundle 2

Front End 1 link (Voiclet Advanced)
– >
Voiclet Front End 1

OTO 1 link (Voiclet FastPass Bundle)
– >
Voiclet OTO 1

OTO 2 link (Voiclet Professional)
– >
Voiclet OTO 2

OTO 3 link (Voiclet VIP)
– >
Voiclet OTO 3

Downsell 1 link (Voiclet VIP-Lite)
– > Voiclet Downsell 1

OTO 4 link (Voiclet Platinum)
– >
Voiclet OTO 4

OTO 5 link (Voiclet – Voicely Special)
– >
Voiclet OTO 5

OTO 6 link (Voiclet VidToon Special)
– >
Voiclet OTO 6

Voiclet video demo

Voiclet funnel details

Attention spans are less than goldfish now & potential customers no longer have the patience to navigate through traditional marketing funnels.

Small businesses are panicking due to their pricy online funnels not making sales like ‘funnel gurus’ promised.

The key to surviving & getting more sales in 2022 is to reduce the time it takes from a lead engaging with your business to becoming a sale as much as possible.

Voiclet creates new ‘speed-to-lead’ video and voice funnels that reduce the customer journey to a single click, converting leads with LIVE HD video selling technology instantly.

It comes with agency rights allow you to earn monthly fees helping small businesses ditch their current leaky, expensive funnel for a one-click instant LIVE video one.

What is Voiclet?

Voiclet is a groundbreaking app that creates new ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnels 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to just a click, closing leads with high-converting HD video selling.

This transformational technology comes with agency rights, allowing you to sell new video funnels to local businesses and online retailers for monthly fees who are frustrated with their expensive, low-converting, & ‘leaky’ marketing funnels.

Main features of Voiclet

Features Never Seen Before in Any App Include:

New Live VideoFunnel Selling Systems – significantly reduce the time it takes from interaction to sale w/ revolutionary one-click live video selling tech.

Create ‘Magic Video Sales Funnel Links’ – create links or QR-codes that when clicked or scanned instantly redirect to your live video or voice funnel to close leads far faster.

Crystal-Clear HD Video Call Tech. – convert leads faster & easier w/ live HD video calling that works anywhere in the world

OmniChannel Marketing Capability- share magic video sales links in Facebook ads, Google ads, Tiktok profiles, Instagram profiles, & more

Web, iOS, & Android Supported – agents can answer video or voice calls on the web, or via the Voiclet iOS & Android app to close leads anywhere, anytime.

Get Prequalified Local Business Leads – get prequalifed leads you can sell Voiclet services to for $500+ per month.

Agency & Commercial Rights – sell access for a monthly fee, charge for setup, (a service businesses will HAVE to have

& many more features including…
+ install video funnel widgets to any site
+ record video conversations w/ call encryption
+ capture emails w/ autoresponder integration
+ easy to use & beginner friendly
+ detailed analytics
+ get DFY, qualified call agents

How voiclet works

Voiclet builds new ‘video & voice’ funnels that 10x sales in any niche in 4 steps:

Step 1. Create a Campaign
Organize campaigns by clients & assign specific agents to each campaign.

Step 2. Auto-Create a Magic Video Funnel Link or Widget
Then, create a ‘magical video link’ that will redirect to video funnels or voice funnels ready for agents to close sales seamlessly.

Step 3. Share the Link & Convert Leads to Sales Fast
Share your video funnel link in ads, social profiles, & more. When clicked, it will open your video sales funnel with agents ready to help close clients instantly.

Step 4. Share with Clients or Give App Access for Fees
Use video funnels to sell your own products faster & easier, or create campaigns for clients for a monthly fees. View detailed analytics at anytime.
voiclet bundle image

Voiclet OTO details

FE: Voiclet Advanced $47.00
Voiclet is a disruptive app that creates new video and voice funnels that 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to a single click. Purchase includes both Agency Rights & Commercial Rights.

OTO1: Voiclet Professional $127.00
This upgraded, more advanced edition of Reputor includes…
– Do unlimited video and voice calls
– Remove Voiclet branding from widgets
– Capture unlimited leads
– Add unlimited agents
– Create unlimited campaigns
– VIP call connection speed
– VIP Professional bonuses
– VIP video rendering time
– Access to video streaming technology with Streamr, a VIP app that lets small businesses live stream videos on autopilot

DS1: Voiclet Professional-Lite $57.00
A lighter version of Voiclet Professional for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO2: Voiclet VIP $67.00
Our team will help guarantee you land your first Voiclet client in a special VIP offer. Includes…
– Outsourcers License + Integrate Team member technology
– DFY ‘VideoFunnel’ Agency Site to help sell services – includes easy-edit technology & DFY hosting plan
– DFY Video Agency Lead Videos – help land clients with DFY lead videos for your own agency
– Reseller Rights + Reseller Materials – sell Voiclet with just a link and add to your campaigns
– Voiclet Whitelabel VIP call scripts – DFY scripts to help agents close leads fast so businesses will continue getting results with Voiclet month-after-month
– Voiclet Whitelabel PPC SOPs – whitelabel standard operating procedures to use or sell to clients on how to run profitable local Adwords campaigns
Plus, Voiclet comes with one-on-one support to help guarantee success. We’ll help you get your first ads campaign up, help understand anything better in the training, and generate your first leads.

DS2: Voiclet VIP-Lite $67.00
A lighter version of Voiclet VIP for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO3: Voiclet Platinum $97.00
This most advanced edition of Voiclet includes…
– Unlimited agency account license
– The ability to whitelabel the app with custom domain, logo, and colors
– Outsourcing training – learn how to scale your local agency faster
– Video Agency Suite – get a set of DFY logos, print-on-demand materials, swipes, contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
– Platinum VIP bonuses

OTO4: Voiclet Voicely Unlimited Special $49.00
Voicely is a fully-automated software powered by real AI that turns any text into a natural lifelike sounding voiceover in seconds. Create video ads, full VSLs, and more with realistic-sounding voiceovers.

OTO5: Voiclet Vidtoon Unlimited Special $49.00
VidToon is a proven animated video creator that creates disney-style marketing videos in minutes with a world of animated spokespeople. Run your own profitable video animation marketing agency with this amazing tool.

Fastpass Bundle Deal $297.00
Plus there will be a fast-pass bundle deal available that includes all the bonuses, licenses, and upgrades for a one-time price.

Voiclet.. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Can I Charge?
Buyers are charging $500+ Per month easily for this type of service, targeting industries like lawyers, auto-shops, healthcare industry, & more.

Q: What if I Don’t Want to Be on Video?
No problem. The small business client’s employees will be the one answering the video calls. Or, you can use bonus training to see how to find cheap, effective agents to outsource the calls to in the training.

Q: Why is this the Biggest Agency Opportunity?
Sure you can sell SEO, video explainers, traditional funnel builders, etc. services, but EVERYONE is already selling those & competing against you. There are millions of untapped customers that want Voiclet services & NO ONE to compete against

Q: Can Agents Answer Calls Anywhere?
Yes, Voiclet works internationally. Agents can answer calls on desktop or iOS or Android with the native app.

Q: Where Do the Clients Come From?
You’ll get VIP training on how to get the clients to contact you.

Q: What if No One Picks Up a Video Call?
You can redirect the call link to a sales page or support page if no one is available or forgets to answer to have the funnel working as normal.

Q: Is There Detailed Training?
Yes! Voiclet is super easy to use & there are detailed training & tutorials for you & small business customers + 24-7 support.

Earlybird & Coupon Info

There will be an early bird discount for $37.00 & price will slowly increase every 3 hours.

The price will continue to increase every few hours throughout the launch until the end will it will over double in price, all bonuses will go away., and all coupons will go away.

We will update you in Skype groups about coupons when they become available.

All links in the sales funnel

Bundle 1 link (Voiclet Bundle Replay)
Voiclet Bundle Replay link

Bundle 2 link (Voiclet Bundle Full)
Voiclet Bundle Full link

Front End 1 link (Voiclet Advanced)
Voiclet Advanced link

OTO 1 link (Voiclet FastPass Bundle)
Voiclet FastPass Bundle link

OTO 2 link (Voiclet Professional)
Voiclet Professional link

OTO 3 link (Voiclet VIP)
Voiclet VIP link

Downsell 1 link (Voiclet VIP-Lite)
Voiclet VIP-Lite link

OTO 4 link (Voiclet Platinum)
Voiclet Platinum link

OTO 5 link (Voiclet – Voicely Special)
Voiclet – Voicely Special link

OTO 6 link (Voiclet VidToon Special)
Voiclet VidToon Special link