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ProfileMate one time offer links and full sales funnel teardown including bundle and downsell price points

ProfileMate is being released by Luke Maguire on 2023-Mar-07. ProfileMate has 1 frond end offers, 1 bundle, 3 OTOs and 0 downsells

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ProfileMate has one front end option called ProfileMate. This product also has a total of three OTOs: ProfileMate – VIP Training, ProfileMate – VIP supercharged searches and ProfileMate – Whitelabel. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2 and 3 links below.

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ProfileMate oto

All 3 OTOs, 1 bundle links below

Bundle 1 link (ProfileMate Bundle)
– > ProfileMate Bundle 1

Front End 1 link (ProfileMate)
– >
ProfileMate Front End 1

OTO 1 link (ProfileMate – VIP Training)
– >
ProfileMate OTO 1

OTO 2 link (ProfileMate – VIP supercharged searches)
– >
ProfileMate OTO 2

OTO 3 link (ProfileMate – Whitelabel)
– >
ProfileMate OTO 3

ProfileMate overview video

ProfileMate OTO details

I have a fantastic opportunity I’d like to share with you today. Something that will allow you to easily get a lot more high paying local marketing clients and will make servicing them as easy as 1..2..3!

Luke Maguire’s brand new Profilemate allows you to instantly scan all your competitors’s followers and all local businesses on Instagram.

Not only will you get the contact details including emails and phone numbers.

You will actually know if and when these leads WANT to be contacted by you!

Watch the demo video here to see how this is going to change the entire game

Here’s just one example of how you can easily use this to make bank with local marketing.

Step 1.
Find a big local marketing advertising agency in your area. Enter them into Profilemate and find all their followers and their contact details.

Step 2.
Contact these companies and tell them and ask them if they are happy with their results and ask them for a chance to prove that you can do much better (perhaps cheaper too).

Step 3.
Use Profilemate to search for their competitor’s followers. Create a campaign to convert these leads into clients and customers for your new client

This could not be any easier and that big agency you are going up against won’t know what hit them… They won’t like it, but everything they do will actively help you build your business and get more leads.

Since this is so easy to do and almost hands-free on your end, you can sign up unlimited clients.

Unlike with slow SEO work… with Profilemate you can do work for competing businesses at the same time – it will actually make it easier!

Easy work with almost no time needed also means low cost, huge profits and quick turnover – a welcome change for most local marketers.

Mark my words… This is going to be the next gold rush in local marketing and you want to board this gravy train before it leaves the station!

You don’t need to do any complex coding or analyze any data … at all!

Profilemate automatically generates hundreds to thousands of warm leads every day AND uses their contact info to email them for you!

That should answer the most frequently asked questions I have gotten.

If you want to learn all about the full arsenal of powerful, automated Instagram marketing tools Profilemate offers, then you need to go watch the demo video today:

Just be aware that while the early bird special is still on… the price will likely go up very soon!

Don’t let this special offer OR your chance to get an almost unfair edge on your competitor’s social media marketing pass you by…

For years Luke Maguire has been known as a pioneer on the cutting edge of social media marketing. He has created several best selling and award-winning softwares that have helped countless marketers achieve success on social media.

Now Luke is on the forefront again thanks to a brilliant new piece of software called Profilemate!

Profilemate is the #1 Instagram growth and analytic tool!

It allows you to target the most active and engaged Instagram users following your competitors …

AND convert them directly into sales!

But why Instagram, you ask?

Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social media network with over 1 billion active users

They’re 52 times more likely to engage with your post than a Facebook user … and 127 more likely than a Twitter user!

Instagram is the GO TO social network for 85% of the world’s largest brands.

Yeah it’s that big!

If you are not using Instagram in your marketing, then you are missing out… big time!

With over 500 Million daily users and millions of pages dedicated to any and all niches, Instagram is your go to source for quality leads in any market …

NOW Profilemate allows you to analyze, gather, and contact these users automatically!

Here are just a few of the things it can do:

* It will get you tons of Instagram followers, hands-free – legally and ethically..
* It allows you to automatically send a message to all your new followers.
* Profilemate interacts with and engages your followers on your behalf
* It deploys advanced machine learning to constantly improve your reach and results.

Yeah… the keyword here is “automatic” again. Profilemate does almost all of the work for you, based on your simple input.

This is by miles the most innovative and powerful Instagram marketing software ever created.

I’m talking about siphoning hundreds to thousands of customer leads from your competitor’s pages every single day!

That’s why as a social media marketer you need to get on board… otherwise you will quickly be left behind.

Don’t get left behind – take action today – and dominate social media in 2020 and beyond!

With Profilemate it has never been easier to convert Instagram followers into customers:

All you have to do is …

* Enter a competitor, fan page, or content you want analyzed …
* Instantly view results of your competitors’ followers – including their public ready-to-contact emails, numbers, locations and information, segmenting users who want to be emailed and contacted.
* Get hundreds, even thousands of new leads to contact monthly and covert followers into fans and customers, like never before.

This could not be any easier!

In fact, it’s so easy it’s perfect for ecom, making finding customers a breeze …

It levels the playing feel and allows ordinary folks like you and me to play with and even beat the big guys – by targeting their own Instagram customer base!

Profilemate is without a doubt a complete game changer for ecom and the early birds are going to catch some big worms when they start using it this week.

Don’t get left behind, give your ecom stores (and your own bank account) the boost they deserve today!

ProfileMate OTO – All OTO links + bundle link in 2023

Main Features of ProfileMate 2023

Unlimited report downloads
Download as many individual reports as you like with this launch week special.

2000 daily searches (post launch it will be 500)
Search 3k users a day by getting profilemate now, or wait until after launch & search only 1k.

Email, phone number & website Collection
Search 3k users a day by getting profilemate now, or wait until after launch & search only 1k.

Influencer search module
Profilemate will find you influencers to promote your product/service for free.

One time investment
One time investment & VIP founding club bonus’s

Premium support
Premium same day support (launch week users only)

Full right agency
Use ProfileMate with any business without paying for agency fee’s (launch week bonus)

Business account search module
Want to only search and engage with business accounts? This bonus let’s you do so!

All links in the sales funnel

Bundle 1 link (ProfileMate Bundle)
ProfileMate Bundle link

Front End 1 link (ProfileMate)
ProfileMate link

OTO 1 link (ProfileMate – VIP Training)
ProfileMate – VIP Training link

OTO 2 link (ProfileMate – VIP supercharged searches)
ProfileMate – VIP supercharged searches link

OTO 3 link (ProfileMate – Whitelabel)
ProfileMate – Whitelabel link