KlickCourse OTO – All product links in the sales funnel

KlickCourse – All OTO links and full sales funnel review, including bundle and downsell offers

KlickCourse is being released by Kimberly DeVries on 2022-Oct-11. It has 1 frond end offers, 1 bundle, 3 OTOs and 0 downsells

KlickCourse general overview
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KlickCourse has one front end option called KlickCourse Pro. This product also has a total of three OTOs: KlickCourse Ultimate, KlickCourse Agency and KlickCourse Marketing Kit. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2 and 3 links below.

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KlickCourse oto

All 3 KlickCourse links below

Bundle 1 link (KlickCourse BUNDLE)
– > KlickCourse Bundle 1

Front End 1 link (KlickCourse Pro)
– >
KlickCourse Front End 1

OTO 1 link (KlickCourse Ultimate)
– >
KlickCourse OTO 1

OTO 2 link (KlickCourse Agency)
– >
KlickCourse OTO 2

OTO 3 link (KlickCourse Marketing Kit)
– >
KlickCourse OTO 3

KlickCourse funnel details

What’s the best, RECESSION PROOF investment you can make today?

An investment you’ve already paid for, is already buried deep inside your soul, crosses any niche and market, gets you the fastest and biggest return for your money, and which is fully endorsed by master investor Warren Buffet?

Indeed, it’s an investment in yourself, your talents, skills, and experiences. And with modern day technology it’s easy to convert this into online courses for your people to consume.

BUT, When you make the investment in time to build your course, training program, challenge or coaching program, WHAT IS THE CHANCE OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY FINISHING IT?
klickcourse graphic
We’ve noticed that most people that have purchased any of our training never finish it. And that’s a problem. Now, you may ask yourself, WHY is that a problem?

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, build a relationship with our students and serve them for a long time. But if they don’t finish our training, how can we achieve that?
klickcourse bundle graphic
Let me show you how you can do this with this NEW CERTIFICATION & CREDIT EARNING SYSTEM, called KlickCourse. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this system:

– KlickCourse is a membership platform that allows you to train people and get them certified, so they can show others PROOF of Accomplishment!
– KlickCourse offers participants certification for courses that have been completed and earn course credit points, so that they will feel AWARDED for Their Effort to go through the curriculum and pass with Flying Colors.
– EARN Course Credits (Like A Frequent Flyer Program) within KlickCourse for signing up, or purchasing a new course, completing his/her profile, and upon course completion. The administrator can set a Dollar Value for each credit point scored so that participants are EXTRA MOTIVATED to take ACTION.
– Course credits can be Redeemed within the KlickCourse program to Purchase Access to Other Courses within the program system, without any manual administration.
– With KlickCourse students can Learn More, Get Certified and Feel Accomplished from the comfort of their own home!
– KlickCourse is affordable, convenient, easy to use, and motivational!
– With using certified courses within KlickCourse you’ll be able to Monetize Your Talents, Increase Your Prices, create Recurring Income Streams, and Sell More Courses

With the KlickCourse easy check-out system, your clients get an easy and smooth experience that helps increase customers’ spending by an average 12%, make the shopping experience more pleasant and makes it more likely that customers will return to buy more, and ultimately improve your bottom line.
KlickCourse bonus
By making the process quick and simple, you can improve the customer experience, encourage loyalty, and boost your profits! And KlickCourse Autoresponder Integration helps you stay in touch with your customers and keep them up-to-date on your latest courses and training. It can also help you build a relationship with them, which will lead to more sales in the future.

And with KlickCourse CLONING you can make quick variations of your course and rebrand it for more sales and recurring income. Now make sure you get KlickCourse for a one time fee during this launch.

With KlickCourse you don’t only get a platform to share your knowledge, experience and talents, you’ll get a platform that makes sure that your students get the most out of your training and want to come back for more.

Monetizing your skills can’t be any easier than this. During this launch only, you’ll get UNLIMITED Courses, Modules, Student Sign-ups, Credits, Course Quizzes, and Course Certifications.

So, get it now for this early bird introduction, without any risk and with some awesome extras. Use my “KLICK20” for $20OFF the early bird, and make sure you grab it before it expires.

All links in the sales funnel

Bundle 1 link (KlickCourse BUNDLE)
KlickCourse BUNDLE link

Front End 1 link (KlickCourse Pro)
KlickCourse Pro link

OTO 1 link (KlickCourse Ultimate)
KlickCourse Ultimate link

OTO 2 link (KlickCourse Agency)
KlickCourse Agency link

OTO 3 link (KlickCourse Marketing Kit)
KlickCourse Marketing Kit link