I loved this!

Karen Jurgens

The door of our house shuts with a slam. I stop kneading dough in my porcelain bowl and look up as my husband runs into the cooking room.

“Quick, woman, where are our daughters? And their fiancés? ”

He pulls me by the wrist to the living room where two men stand. Tall, handsome, and with shining faces, they greet me with a nod and a smile.

My husband makes introduction. “These are angels sent to us by God Himself.”

I start in shock. Angels?  I’m puzzled until I hear the shouting, cursing, and loud knocking on our door. I know the men of our city are rioting again, and as I regard the angels, I know why. The pounding grows louder, and I fear our door will break.

“Yes, ever since these two arrived in our city, the Sodomites have become violent, demanding that they have relations with our…

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