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Finding Hermione


Seventeen days in, and the tide has officially turned.  After 400 years of nothing but the memory of ancient promises and a never-ending wait for deliverance, an old man met an angel and a young girl became pregnant.  On their own, these two events may have seemed small and rather insignificant, but then – to paraphrase a common saying – all Heaven broke loose.

Imagine it for a moment:

The night is dark and perhaps a bit cool with the slight dampness of the midnight hour.  The world is quiet.  A gentle wind rustles the branches of nearby trees and sighs through the grasses before brushing softly against your cheek.  Now and then a soft bleat can be heard from one of the sheep on the hillside, but no other sounds break the stillness of the night.

You know that the village lies just beyond the next hill, but it…

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