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Mere Whispers

There is a place where the nonsensical becomes the most rational. Where the extraordinary becomes the obvious and expected. Where the simplest of ways births the most extravagant of wonders.

As baffling as it may appear, sometimes the incorrect is just plain right. Even when it all seems so very wrong.

Thus is the Advent season… this paradox of both arrival and completion. The conception of a Savior bent on rescuing a world at odds with its Creator. Announcing His arrival with the words “It is finished” already formed on infant lips.

From the stable, to the cross, to the empty grave…

Each step purposeful, blazing pathways of redemption through souls.

Each touch heavy with the weight of holy and free.

Each breath, from first newborn cry to last earthly gasp, declaring love unconditional for the enemies of the Divine.

Every word spoken with intention.

Every action proclaiming an undying…

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