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The way we stand

Matthew 1:1-17

Four hundred years of silence from God and the New Testament opens up proclaiming that the promises made to Abraham and David are fulfilled in Jesus. Abraham had received the promise that his offspring would bless the Earth and through his descendants there is a continuation of that promise. David was promised that he would have an ruler from his line that would forever reign. These promises and all of God’s promises find their fulfillment in Jesus.

This genealogy shows who Christ is, but it also displays who God is and how he works. We see here that God used the most unexpected people to fulfill his promises, he used liars like Abraham and Isaac and foreigners, seemingly outside of God’s promises, like Ruth. God worked through David who murdered, Solomon who forsook God, Rehoboam who broke God’s kingdom, Hezekiah the prideful, Manasseh who fought against God, and Josiah who disobeyed…

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