My post on Writing Prompts…facing writing fears and what happens when your characters are based on family members.

Inspired Prompt

by Holly Michael

Hit the light switch. Quick! Run! Dive into bed. Not safe yet! Tuck in your appendages. Whatever didn’t catch you hides under the bed and eats toes and fingers. Oh no! Closet door is open. Close your eyes!

file0001039632218 courtesy of morgue file

Does that scene prompt a childhood memory? Or was that only my childhood bedtime ritual? Confession: I was still in my teens the last time I hotfooted in fear across those creaky wooden floors in our old Wisconsin farmhouse.

Grown up now–or trying to be–at bedtime I hit the light switch and tip-toe cautiously in fear of what hides under the bed–dust bunnies that might induce a sneezing fit or…gasp…need to be vacuumed up.

Photo by Holly Michael, her children. Photo by Holly Michael, her children.

Fear. Do we ever outgrow it?

Writing is scary. Fears cripple writers. What can we do? The only way to get over fears is to face them. Let’s take a…

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