Type Won


Launch day for http://www.typewon.net!

Why Type Won? By never accepting limitations, I pushed forward toward goals that included becoming a tight-end for the University of Wisconsin and also playing in the NFL. Ultimately, my goal is to live a healthy life with type 1 diabetes. My desire is to help others accept, control, and compete with type one diabetes.

I was diagnosed at age 14 with type 1, but was determined not to let diabetes win. Embracing a positive attitude and not letting diabetes beat me, I gained an edge in managing this disease and in competing in sports.

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Type 1 diabetes is completely different disease than type 2 diabetes. Type One diabetes strikes at any time, and especially children and young adults, (though it can develop at any age).

Type One diabetes is autoimmune disease, that strikes when the body’s immune system declares war on itself, mistakenly reacting to the insulin-producing…

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