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Sorry, readers…heading to the finish line on the devotional that Jake and I are writing together (contracted with Harvest House): First and Goal to Go: What Football Taught Me About Never Giving Up. Deadline: SEPTEMBER 1st!! So, I’ve only had time for quick posts of top priority, like bragging about my kids. Sorry, I’m a mom. It’s something I can’t control sometimes. Especially when they are type one diabetic and score touchdowns in the NFL!!! (post before this one.)

Okay, I’ll stop. Well, I can’t! Sorry, I just have to brag one more time. Well, maybe two more times. But, look at how cute adorable Betsy is! It’s her 23rd Birthday today!!!

Image (1)And she’s in grad school and teaching through a graduate assistantship job! Not only cute, but smart! Happy birthday, Betsy!!

meandbooOk, one more tiny brag. Totally can’t forget Nick, that cutie-pie!. He’s just starting the football season at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. So, I’ll hold off on posting a picture, because it’s Betsy’s day, but I’m sure he’ll feature here soon, probably running into the end zone for a touchdown. Congrats to all the cuties! Love you all and so proud!

Ok, back to that devotional!

Oh, wait! I forgot to brag about myself! Crooked Lines made #1 in the Inspirational Fiction category on Amazon yesterday!!!

Crooked3 (1)Woohoo! The Kindle version price is lowered to $1.99 just for today, so if you haven’t got it yet, now is the time!!

So…now, I really got to get back to edits! I’m done bragging, I swear!