I read Nicole Quigly’s YA novel, Like Moonlight at Low Tide on a recommendation a few months ago. I really loved it! She won the Carol Award for this book and she’s featured on India’s Crown today.

India's Crown in Christian Literature Excellence - ICICLE

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India’s Crown welcomes Nicole Quigley this week with her lovely novel Like Moonlight at Low Tide, an inspirational romance for young adults.  

Nicole, thank you for visiting us this week and sharing! We’re glad to have you!  Let’s jump right in. When did you realize you were a writer? 

 For me, it was a process of admitting it to myself. I always knew I had to write, as if I might just disappear if I didn’t. But writing so that others might read my work was a wholly different effort. That requires sacrifice, and it wasn’t until I started facing hard questions that I really figured out what writing meant to me.

When you set your mind to finishing your manuscript and finding critique for it, you’re faced with hard decisions on whether to spend your time on something you have no idea will be any “good.” It…

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