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10421304_10204461434603829_8846725139569896162_nA cover reveal party with Caryl McAdoo! On Saturday at 3:00 PM. 

And guess what? You all can come or as Caryl from Texas says, “Ya’ll come!”

I’ve not hosted or attended one of these Facebook virtual parties before, but thanks to Caryl for arranging it. Looks like a whole lot of fun!

Here’s what Caryl is wearing:


I thought of wearing this:

h2758617EBut decided, since Caryl is wearing a costume themed to her novel, I should do the same. So, since half of Crooked Lines takes place in India, maybe I’ll wear this:

10489918_10154456561400647_2998781087114348462_nOh, and there will be food, virtual food. This is what Caryl is serving:


and this

10462410_10204535444614033_5390097934019169891_nI’ll serve this (virtually of course): untitled (2)Actually, in several of my visits to India, I’ve been served food on a banana (plantain) leaf. Loved it!

So, to join the fun and festivities to announce our covers, done by the same artist, Kirk DouPonce, click here.

SO excited. CROOKED LINES will be launched on August 3rd! Woohoo! Caryl’s book, Hearts Stolen will be released in September.

See ya there!