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The dictionary describes wonder as, “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”

Wonder is often associated with Christmas, in regard to the wonder of the season, the “beauty” and “awe”.

In the song, (Mary’s Song), Breath of Heaven, Mary uses the word wonder to tell of her unfamiliar and unsure situation, traveling into the unknown, feeling her unworthiness to have been chosen by God to give birth to a baby who will become the savior of the world. After reading this, click the link below to hear this beautiful song.

Wonder. Amazing how this words meaning can change through the power of prayer.

I’ve been in a phase of waiting, “wondering,” for so long. I’ve submitted my “wonders” to God in prayer, then done my best to leave them with Him, trusting He would answer according to His perfect will.

Then, praise His Holy Name, I’ve seen real true miracles unfold around me, and I am in WONDER at how much He truly cares about the small as well as the big things in my life. I have so much to share, and I will, but can’t yet. So just for now, I’ll share one part of an answered prayer.

I have a book contract! In a day or two I’ll share the entire beautiful, and wonderful story.

What do you wonder about? Pray, then leave your wonderings with God, trust that He loves you, hears your petition, and will answer, according to His will. Then rejoice in the peace He will surely give you. And thank Him. By doing so, I am certain you will experience the WONDER of His Love! I have and am so thankful!