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A few days ago I opened up Facebook before tackling my daily writing and posted a few quick inspiring words about a Christmas phrase that popped into my mind. I did the same thing the next day.

Before I knew it, I was writing them into my Facebook page each day and completely enjoying it.

Spur of the moment devotionals.

Sundays “Christmas phrase” filled me with joy, well, because it was “Rejoice” and also it actually matched Sundays reading and sermon at church. While I didn’t have time to get on Facebook before church, a little girl in the pew ahead of me inspired me to write yesterday’s devotional and I posted it on Facebook last night. I love it when inspiration comes together like that.

Here it is:


A wonderful Christmas word, but not so easy to rejoice when we don’t exactly feel joy in our hearts.

Today in church, Neena, our gifted singer and musician, came down from the choir loft to go to the communion rail with her family. Celeste, her beautiful granddaughter caught sight of her and was instantly transformed. Her face lit up and her hands shot out in full rejoicing mode.

A bored, antsy child became overwhelmed with joy because of the love she felt for her grandmother.

We should be like Celeste. Knowing that God is always before us, we should let go of our anxiety, throw up our arms and rejoice.

Celeste knows how much Neena loves her. As God’s children, if we truly understood how much He loves us…if we could only trust in his ultimate wisdom and care, we could truly rejoice like sweet Celeste.

Take that one big issue or problem  that your thinking about right now.  Find a quiet place. Then completely, fully, submit that problem to God. Then rejoice, knowing that His love for you is greater than you can ever imagine.


This morning I thought I’d put these devotions on my blog, too. Today starts “Nine Days Before Christmas” so I’ll be posting a new short devotional each day from my blog and Facebook. And I’m thinking, after Christmas, maybe I’ll work on them some more and put them together for my next devotional book.  (more exciting news about why I said “next” will come soon.) 

Today’s devotional was really short:

…and the soul felt it’s worth

Those words to my favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night, always send chills through me.

Again, those words with what precedes them. “…and he appeared, and the soul felt its worth.

This devotional today is going to be super short because the power in the words are the words themselves.


Really think about that phrase from that song. “And he appeared, and the soul felt it’s worth.”

Does your soul truly feel its worth?

If not, has he appeared in your life? Have you asked him to appear? Find out the true “magic” of Christmas when you invite him to truly appear.