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Thanks for this article below, Kristen Lamb.

Are You a “Real” Writer? Is This Even the Correct Question?.

Now, because I am a “real writer” and have a real writer’s conference I’m preparing to attend, I’m retreating into Novel Land where I’m going to attempt to finish my third novel (only on chapter 7) in a little more than three weeks.

See you some time in September, unless I have some really big news to announce before then.

In the meantime, please keep my son Jake, #89 Houston Texans Rookie in your prayers during the upcoming pre-season games. He’s a “real NFL player.” Go Jake! In these crucial days to come, hoping both of continue toward successful careers. SO to daughter Betsy too, to the left of Jake. She’s having a birthday next week! She’s a “real cutie!” And proud of son, Nick too…in camp with the Ragin Cajuns down at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Go fam!