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With two books with an agent and plugging along on the third novel, I feel like I’ve been climbing a mountain and have reached an outcrop that overlooks a crystal clear pond. (Thanks for the photo, Betsy–stole from daughter’s Facebook)


I’ve done a lot of climbing and am so ready to splash around in the refreshing waters of success. 24269_10200148677109895_694869205_n

Daughter Betsy, above, is enjoying a little down time this summer after work and before getting ready for her last semester of college.

Son Nick is at the University of Louisiana, beginning football camp.

untitled (9)Hubby, Bishop Leo Michael, as usual, is working hard for the Kingdom of God.

We’re all pushing toward our goals…some big, some small.

But, I think son Jake, a rookie in NFL camp with the Houston Texans #89 (on the left with the black cap), must feel a lot like I feel right now…

temp_BB18867--nfl_mezz_1280_1024…we’ve worked hard and have reached some wonderful heights, but we’re ready to bathe in the waters of success. He’s hoping to make the final cut on the team. I’m hoping for a publishing contract.

So for now, we keep working and pushing ahead toward our goals.

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So, what does it take to successfully reach goals? Maybe, never giving up. There’s lots of good advice out there. Each morning, I look for inspiring quotes to text to my kids, especially the boys who are really challenged in football camp.

Here’s a few success quotes:

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And considering success and pruning….check out Kristen Lamb’s blog today. She inspired me to write this post…Have a wonderful time on your path to success, whatever your goals may be.