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Caught up in the busyness of all that encompasses my life, I haven’t blogged much lately. Ministry situations keep my husband (Bishop Leo Michael) and I busy, writing has kept me occupied, but sometimes we grab fun time, too, especially when family and friends visit. Had a great time over the holidays with the kids. (all back in college now.)

Note to self: Don’t take your adult children to toy stores.


In his off-season with the Houston Texans, Jake (left) will finish his classes at the University of Wisconsin and graduate this spring. Congratulations on signing for next season, Jake! And congratulations to Nick (right) on his football scholarship to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (He began this semester). Betsy is back in the US and has returned to college, too.

Speaking of family visits, last week my brother Mark and my lovely sister-in-law Laura, visited from Wisconsin. We had a blast showing them around Kansas City.

Ate barbecue at the famous Arthur Bryants


Visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Could spend days there! Below Mark and Laura playing outside the museum:marklaurie

Also visited the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, where we crossed over a glass bridge with 9000 poppies underneath, each one representing 1000 lives lost in WWI. (Total of nine million).



After wandering around the museum, we climbed steps to the top of Liberty Memorial Tower, where we took in a lovely view of Kansas City.

Now, I’m settling into some serious writing. Like climbing the stairs to the top of that tower to find spectacular views, writing takes focus and forcing myself, each day, to take the next step toward writing goals, which I’ve set high for 2013. (below my photo from Boulder, Colorado).


Now, I’m doing rewrites on two novels, while working toward a solid first draft of my latest novel, Blank Pages. This new novel takes the main character, Anna, from a low place in the low country of Charleston, South Carolina to lofty Boulder, Colorado.

Blank Pages begins with Anna taking this photograph, lying on a Charleston boardwalk near her home:


I love that my photos from places I visited during ministry tips last year became inspiration for this year’s novel!

Back to the novel:

An address found behind photos in a locket, dropped on the church floor by a dying man, leads Anna to Boulder (photos by me): boulderblog1


boulderblogboulderhughThe novel, Blank Pages, is a difficult journey of discovery and self-awareness. It’s about relationships and finding out the truth about family, friends, and new loves.

Hoping by spring, all of us will have climbed a little higher toward our 2013 goals and can stand on the mountaintop and breathe in success. Now, back to Anna and chapter three.