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Looking back this year, found some strange search terms that led people to my blog. Each one of these left me scratching my head as to how it could have happened.

1. My enemys face got eaten.


2. Shut up and tke my money.

I say that all the time

3. enough all of you are beneath me

Yeah, I’m just that way.

4. Gambar Alkatab


5. Animal saying I’m sorry

That’s just weird

6. my child you worry too much i’ve got this remember

God? Is that you?

7. please pardon my typos & laconicism

I don’t even know what a laconicism is

8. wallcoo love couple

What’s a wallcoo?

10. هولي مايكل

Anyone know what that means?

11. kelebekler

Or that?

And for the most popular search term in 2012 that brought people to my site: 

Holly Michael Porn Star or Holly Michael pron star (for those who can’t spell porn) or really almost any word and the word porn after it. Even had a search term: Archangel Porn (Oh my. What a world. Who looks for Archangel Porn?)

Now, don’t be thinking the worst of me. I’m not a porn star, but there is a Holly Michael who is. I swear it’s not me. Really! I blogged about it here.