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If you haven’t, you must read the two previous posts, Part 1: The Destination and Part 2: The Destination, Update and Prayer, to grasp my friend Vicky’s situation. She was on life support. Dying. Doctors and other medical staff reported she could not possibly survive the removal of the ventilator. Massive multi-organ failure. Heart. Lungs. Liver.

Vicky did not die when the tube was pulled out, a little over a week ago. She opened her eyes and said she wanted to live. The ethics committee took over. She was given care to keep her alive, but the word “futile” was repeated often. With the heart damage, it just wasn’t medically possible for her to survive much longer.

The medical staff insisted that the best hope was for Vicky to be transferred to hospice. Her heart would give out soon. She had 5% Ejection Fraction. Non-functioning liver. Lungs had been full of fluid.

Then something happened over the next few days. Improvements in her condition. Not expected. But still, she was labeled as “terminal.” The heart was the main problem. It could not sustain her much longer.

Yesterday, we were in the room with Vicky when the nurse came in with the results of the heart sonogram: “Her heart is normal.”

We were all shocked, elated, in tears!

One doctor declared, “God gave her a heart transplant.” There appears to be no medical reason that this can happen. We are told her heart could not repair itself. A doctor said, “We did nothing medically for her.”

Her liver is also normal. Her lungs are normal.

The medical staff keeps poring over her file. They can’t explain it. I can. A miracle! Vicky is doing well and will be released from the hospital, hopefully in the next few days. Thank you GOD! Thank you Jesus! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all who prayed for Vicky!!!! You have been a part of a MIRACLE! Surely her destination is Heaven; but not yet.