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Yesterday, I posted about my friend Vicky, who is miraculously surviving a massive coronary and organ shut down. She is still with us, but confused and agitated at times, her nurse reports. She still doesn’t always remember where she is and what has happened to her, often thinking she’s on a bus or in a strange house, wondering when she’s going to reach her destination. I really appreciate your prayers and support in the comments section. They comforted me and made me realize that I didn’t include a prayer of my own in yesterday’s post.


…knowing, when two or three gather in His name (even across the internet), He is there. Please pray with me:

Father, be with Vicky now…mortal arms often failed to hold her up when she was weak…and this fragile, gentle soul sometimes stumbled and fell. Jesus, wrap your Heavenly arms around Vicky now, as she once hugged and assured the tsunami orphans in India…

…shower Vicky with Your Mercy and Grace. Lord, heal her broken soul, her wounded heart, and restore her to complete fullness and wellness. As I can not sit at Vicky’s bedside today, please let your holy angels be her visitors. Please send Mother Mary, whom she loves, to sit with her and comfort her through her pain and confusion. Lord, don’t allow her to stray on the mountainside, alone and confused. O Good Shepherd, call to her, bind her wounds, heal her, and bring her to green pastures. Thank you Lord.

Troubles and trials often betray us
Causing the weary body to stray
But we shall walk beside the still waters
With the Good Shepherd leading the way

Those who have strayed were sought by the master
He who once gave his life for the sheep
Out on the mountain still he is searching
Bringing them in forever to keep

Going up home to live in green pastures
Where we shall live and die nevermore
Even the Lord will be in that number
When we shall reach that heavenly shore…

(Ferdinand Ortega – Green Pastures).

Below, Vicky in India with us in 2004, giving a Certificate of Deposit to an orphan that will help this child with college or marriage costs in a couple of years.