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I often text encouraging Bible quotes to my kids. Yesterday, Jake said, “Keep them coming. I like them.” This morning, I found the above Scripture quote and texted it to Jake. It seemed appropriate for a type one diabetic and rookie in the NFL nearing the end of pre-season games (when players face potential cuts due to the league’s 53-man roster limit.)

One reporter, grading the rookies said this about Jake, “His time with the team is about up unless he pulls a miracle out of his hat.”

I wanted to tell that guy that our God is a God of miracles and my son is awesome, but I remembered that Jake is an adult and well, it’d be weird if I texted Bible quotes to reporters or yelled at them. To my kids relief, I swore I wouldn’t call their coaches or interfere in their sports business as soon as they grew bigger than me. (Age eleven for Jake.)

So, in spite of the reporter’s comment and the mountains in his way, Jake assured me he isn’t worried and that he’s entrusted his future to God. After a few more minutes of my preaching, Jake gently suggested I call Betsy or Nick and give them a pep talk. I got the “message” and told him maybe I needed the pep talk myself.

I don’t think anyone has ever thrown a mountain into the sea. It’s one of those Bible quotes that’s really hard to accept because you can’t take it literally. Who can throw a mountain into the sea? But God’s power can move mountains. God’s power can make the impossible become the possible. And prayers matter. And I guess if God wants that mountain to be in the sea, and it needs to be there, He can do it. But the mountain becoming a seafaring vessel and dissapearing on the horizon because of my faith? Hmm…

…though I pray and have peace about my son’s future, I’m flailing in my own troubled sea of uncertainty, wondering if I should continue fiction writing. Can I make it as a novelist? Why am I so uncertain about my future, my life, at my age? Am I such a late bloomer? Why can’t I get it together?

My angst might have something to do with my agent sharing rejection letters from publishers. They are like that reporter not appreciating Jake’s ability.

I understand that Stephen King and many other well-known authors received hundreds of rejections before getting their novels published. Yet, I question myself when I get a rejection, even those my agent calls “thoughtful” ones.

Yes, I have mountains in my way. I question if God really wants me to continue this path. I’ve worked as a journalist and freelance writer and have had some success in nonfiction in the past. Seriously, perhaps I should consider a different path.

It’s not defeatism, I tell myself, but rather contemplating on whether this path is the right one. Maybe it’s a “when a door closes, God opens a window” thing sometimes. Perhaps I should quit beating on this door and look out the window at other options and opportunities. Really, how do we know the difference? Are these mountains meant to be climbed over or throw into the sea or are they blocks God has placed in our way to divert us to where we really need to be?

Jake expressed peace about God’s plan for his life. I know he’s working really hard right now, often exhausted by the physical strength it takes to do what he does, and most likely even more tired of everyone (including me), giving him pep talks.

I am encouraged by his faith, endurance, confidence and willingness to embrace the “now” and the open possibilites of his future. And so, before I turn away from the mountains in my path, I’m going to pray for both of us, considering these lyrics to this wonderful song:

Chorus: Lord move in the way, that I’ve never seen before

Cause there’s a mountain in the way and a lock on the door

I’m drifting away, waves are crashing on the shore

So Lord move (move), or move me.

Please pray for Jake during this critical time in his life and for my intentions. And if you have a mountain in your way, let me know, comment below, and I’ll pray for you, too. The road toward our goal is often rocky. Dark mountains throw shadows onto our paths and loom mightily before us. It’s scary stuff. We need each other and God to get us through it all. With God, prayer, and support from each other, we can throw mountains into the sea…or at least climb them and reach new heights…and then…perhaps the sun will be shining on the other side. Anything is possible with faith.