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It’d be nice if writers could just write and not have to be twisted around the tumultuous crazy social media kaleidoscope. I blog. I Facebook. I tweet. I LinkIn. I Pinterest. I even have a Klout account now. Klout is a social media that measures influence online. I just discovered, according to Klout, that I am an influencer on NFL and Unicorns.

I really “lol’d” over that crazy discovery. Though my son is a rookie in the NFL, to show how much I know about the NFL, here’s the conversation with my daughter after Jake’s first pre-season game:

Betsy: “Hey Mom, how’d you think Jake did?”

Me: “I don’t know, but he looked really good on TV.”

Betsy: “I know. He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

Me: “Especially when his helmet pushes his cheeks together. Wish I could reach through the TV screen and pinch them. He should stand beside Drew Brees to get more face time.”

Betsy: “Or maybe he should focus on the game.”

Me: “Yeah, you might be right about that.”

Sorry Klout, I’m no expert influencer in the NFL. Since Jake played both offense and defense in high-school, it took a year of college football to finally get that being a tight-end means Jake plays on offense, which means watch for him when his team has the ball. But if Klout could measure a mom’s love and pride for her children, I’d score 100. (We’ll get to the part about me being an expert unicorn influencer in a moment.)

So, the update on Jake, according to Jake, is that the first game went well. Our boy is now in Foxboro, Mass, practicing and getting ready for Thursday nights game against the New England Patriots. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean about how cute he is on TV…I mean, how AWESOME of a player he is. There he is signing autographs.

New Orleans Saints tight end Jake Byrne (82) and tackle Marcel Jones (70) sign autographs after training camp at their NFL football training facility in Metairie, La., Sunday, July 29, 2012. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

I think I’ll let Jake be the NFL influencer in the family. But, I’m seriously thinking about cornering the market on unicorns.

I saw these two unicorns in the field the other day.

Surprised? It’s true! That photo is not photo-shopped! After all, I’m an expert influencer on unicorns. Just ask Klout. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me! I wrote a blog about unicorns once. I have influence!




Also, found this photo on this website: