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Saw this public art on a downtown building in Greeley, Colorado. Einstein is right. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

What precedes imagination also counts: stopping to look, listen, think. My life has been hectic and fast-paced lately. I can’t get to the service stations for oil changes soon enough between the thousands of miles logged on our poor abused Prius…

While driving, one of us (my husband or I) will often say, “stop!”

We both understand that this word means inspiration has hit. Recently, somewhere in Kansas, my husband said, “stop!” I braked, pulled over and he shot this:

Imagination at work. He’s got some cool inspiring thoughts about this scene and wanted a photograph.

Imagination also involves another aspect: The Holy Spirit. God. I believe that where we lack creatively, the Holy Spirit fills in. A small prayer often guides my imagination, infuses something more grand and excellent than my puny brain can conjure up on its own.

So, if you’re not feeling inspired, do this: Stop, look, listen, think. And pray. The Creator of the Universe is awesome and can always guide our imaginations into greater realms than we can imagine.