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Traveled to Estes Park, Colorado and everyone there was so friendly. Met a new friend right away.  

We both enjoyed the beautiful view around Lily Lake…


And my other really good friend (husband) enjoyed the day, too…

And so did Christine, our friend and teenage fellow traveler and parish member from St. James Anglican Church in Kansas City.

Then, we headed back into town…

…saw a beautiful church built on rocks.

Had lunch. This was the view across the sidewalk from the restaurant patio where we ate:

…beautiful place…shops on one side of the walk, river on the other, surrounded by mountains.

Got back home and discovered my blogger friend, Virginia, over at Poeta officium, tagged me in her blog. Thanks Virginia. I’ll answer your questions below, then tag some other friends. Traveling, friends, playing tag. It’s all good!

These are Virginia’s questions (it’s all part of the game):

1/ If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why? I like my name. Holly. It’s me. I was born around Christmas so it fits, but I also appreciate Christian names and like my grandmother’s name: Celeste.

2/ Name 3 things you couldn’t live without (not people or animals): I might not die without coffee & chocolate (but not willing to give them up and take the chance) but I might come close to death without my laptop, kindle, and iPhone. 

3/ Which do you prefer – beach or forest? Why? Easy, forest. Take a look at the pictures above. I love the serenity of the forest. Trees are my friends. They make me happy. 

4/ Do you have a ‘I need to do this by the time I am ……‘ age? Which one is it? Though I’m published, I’d like to get my first novel published before I turn another year older. (see how I avoided mentioning my age.) 

5/ Laptop or desktop? Which one do you prefer? Absolutely lap top. It has to be willing to go where ever I go. 

6/ Are you still friends with your best friend from childhood? Does Facebook friend count? Then, yes.

7/ If you could critique any book, which one would it be? Gone With the Wind. Why? First one that popped into my mind and one of my favs.

8/ Describe your perfect day? I just showed my photos of it above.

9/ Where in the world do you feel most at home? Since I travel around quite a bit, I’m home when I’m with my husband and kids.  

10/ Do you talk with your hands (ie do you gesture wildly when you talk?) Yes, I must often sit on my hands to stop from hurting people. 

11/ How well do you know the history of your country of birth? Interesting question because when my husband opened the book to study for his citizenship test several years ago, he already knew more about the United States than I did. I learned a few things. 

And now my turn to tag. Since Victoria’s questions were good, I’ll pass the same one’s along and ask the tagees to answer them and to tag others. (Though feel free to make up questions for their tagees.) Here are some friends with wonderful blogs:

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Enjoy all of my friends, even the fuzzy one at the beginning of the blog. Thanks for coming by!