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Welcome to my blog, G.E. Johnson.  She’s got some great stuff to share regarding connections!

As a self-published author, I have been solely responsible for the marketing and advertising of my books and what a journey it has been! I started out not knowing the first thing about how or where to get my book noticed. I used the universal strategy of contacting friends and family first, but as anyone who has published a book can tell you, this pool of potential buyers dries up very quickly. Now, I must tell you that before I became an author, I had logged 16 years in the Business Finance arena and had taken part in multiple business start-ups so starting from scratch was not a new task to me.

However, marketing books was new to me and I wondered if the same rules for selling applied in the literary world as in other industries. Well, I found out over time that they do! Selling books is all about creating a product that has value and getting that product in front of the people who will buy into the value that you have created. Therein lies the purpose of this directory. “Get Connected: 101 Places to Promote Your Book” was designed with the author in mind, as an all-in-one resource for getting started on navigating the many avenues for promoting your book.

You’ll notice right away that this directory places a heavy emphasis on promotion outlets that are connected to Facebook and Twitter. Why is that? Well, let’s face it – social media is THE fastest, most efficient way to reach hundreds, and even thousands, of potential readers all at once and all in the same place. In “Get Connected: 101 Places to Promote Your Book”, I have listed 101 social media resources that are specifically designed to connect you with potential readers. The owners of these websites, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, etc. are all dedicated to promoting your books and helping you expand your readership!

I’ve already done the work of creating a starter list for you so now all you have to do is browse through and start getting connected! Are you a newly published author looking for places to start promoting? Are you an established author looking for new avenues of exposure? Are you an international author looking to expand your readership into other countries? There’s literally something in the directory for every author and for less than $0.10 per lead, the value far exceeds the investment. Get started today!

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