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Recently, I became a member of ChristianWriters.com. The group has a gaggle of writers whom, each month, blog about a group-decided topic. The topic this month: Pursuit. The topics are meant to tie in with our struggles and blessings as writers.

Pursuit. Here’s what pursuit means to me, my family, and my writing career:

Oldest son Jake is in pursuit of his goals, fully and wholeheartedly. He just signed with the New Orleans Saints. One of the Saint’s coaches told the rookie group, “each of you are one out of the three million kids that started playing football. There are 2,800 left. That means you are in the top 0.01 %.”

While talking with Jake, I added, “and figure into that, that you have type-one diabetes. How many rookie NFL players are in that category? How does that change the percentage?”

Jake paused, then solemnly answered, “I might be the only one.”

Jake’s twitter profile is: New Orleans Saints TE, Former Wisconsin TE, Type 1 Diabetic. Passion for helping youth with diabetes, feel free to ask me questions and advice.

WTG, Jake. I’m happy my son is using his gifts and talents as well as his illness to live a life in full pursuit of his dreams.

Daughter Betsy is a college student in pursuit of a dream to study abroad in London next semester. Betsy strived to reach and maintain the necessary GPA and requirements to make this goal happen. London is a long way from home and getting to this point has been a challenge. But in pursuit of her dreams, she understands that the challenges as well as advantages of the journey will be beneficial to her future career. WTG, Betsy. She’s a solid, well-grounded girl who knows what she wants and pursues her dreams with prayer and determination.

Youngest son Nick is in pursuit of his goals, which are similar to his brother Jake’s. Football. Look at Nick’s catch below. Jake drove from New Orleans to Alabama to watch Nick play a seven-on-seven game last week. Jake bragged that Nick did great, probably the best player. I love Nick’s heart. He’s conscientious, level-headed, and faithfully pursuing God along with his dreams.

I’m pleased that my children are pursuing their goals with a mindset that all goodness and gifts come from God, their Father in Heaven.

And, I admire my husband because he lives his life in pursuit of God. Always. Period. He loves and fears God with all of his heart, mind, and soul. And as a bishop and pastor he speaks the truth in love, ministering to his flock and wholeheartedly loving those entrusted to his spiritual care. Today, on Father’s Day, I thank God for the loving father he is to his congregation and others and for the kind and loving step-father he’s been to the kids.

And me? I pursue God because without Him, I am nothing. I have nothing. My gifts and talents are tiny, miniscule, droplets of water in the sea of creativity. Perhaps God, The Father, sprinkled me with a few droplets from that water when He created me. It’s up to me to pray, work hard, and develop those little talents into a gift I can offer back to Him and to humanity. And because God loves us and wants us in pursuit of Him, as he multiplied the loaves and fishes, if we ask, I believe He will also multiply and bless our talents. Then, like Jake, with God’s help, we can be that 0.01 %. Surely, we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. It’s all about pursuit.