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I found the town center and park in Northern Colorado teeming with butterflies. They were everywhere. In the park. In pictures in shop windows. On the library building.


I’m a “signs and connections” kind of girl. And I love how butterflies flit about in ways that draw our eyes and thoughts away from ourselves and onto other things, outward and inward.

Makes me think God directs the butterfly’s path so that He can speak to us.

I love butterflies!

Butterfly thoughts take me back to when I was six-years-old in the meadow on our farm in Wisconsin. Wearing my yellow butterfly dress, I laughed and twirled with the dandelion seeds as I basked in God’s immense love. I stretched my hands high and offered songs of thanks for the Creator of the myriad of butterflies, ladybugs, and zippy dragonflies. I felt the love of God then, as if He was there in the flesh, hugging me, warming my heart through the rays of the morning sunshine. I knew then that I was His child.

As I walked around the downtown area recently, and through the park, wondering and worrying, I’m not sure what God was trying to tell me or direct my attention to through the butterflies…

But when I signed onto my laptop this morning, there was a butterfly in the first blog post I read.

I smiled when I read Shari’s post: Life is Not Meant to be Easy. Shari said, “Just like a caterpillar struggles to grow and mature as he emerges from his chrysalis, we at times also go through a process of struggling through the hard of life. We have times of uncomfortableness, and pain to mature and grow into something new. In the midst of the growth I don’t want to miss out on the blessings in the process. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of complaining that, I/we can miss the beauty of the butterfly that emerges from the struggle.”  

My husband (an Anglican Bishop in the Holy Catholic Church-Anglican Rite) and I have been in Colorado helping out one of our churches where the priest recently passed away.  As I walked, I prayed about the difficulties our church is undergoing-a church full of ministry opportunities and people needing God’s care, but no priest to serve them. We wonder what God has in mind as we wait for Him to send a new pastor for this wonderful congregation we’ve come to love. I was also praying about my own direction, my worries.

God is everywhere and He even uses the butterflies to speak to us and to direct our thoughts back to Him and to others whom He speaks through. His message to me today is that He is ever-present, ever-powerful, ever-omniscient. He knows our struggles and He will take care of us, especially through our difficulties. All we have to do is to come out of our cocoons and lift our hearts in prayer. We are His children. He’s in charge. We serve an awesome God!

And thanks to Shari for her wonderful blog that carried a message to me today, via the wings of a butterfly.