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I’ve been away from writing and blogging, attending our church synod. Sound boring? Not! Here’s how we do it up, Wyoming style, in the Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite: “soul whisperers” become “horse whisperers”…

…at a session led by our very own cowboy, Mike Buchanan (below). Mike and his wife Karen took the concept of “horse whispering” in a new direction during their demonstration at the corral in front of our Church of the Holy Family in Casper. The couple developed a program through which the relationship between a person’s action and a horse’s reaction can reveal aspects of the person’s personality. The interaction and what it reveals has a strong influence in helping people develop skills in human relationships that they may lack.

Even Pastor Phil Waugh, “Marriage Whisperer” got into the corral. (He and his wife, Cindy, taught an excellent session on the Covenant Marriage Movement.


Great time! Our synods are the coming together of our larger church family across the United States and we always have a blast. Below: Gail and Helen, our faithful from the Fellowship of St. Andrews in Helena, Montana. Helen, to the right, told me about her “God box.” She says she writes out her worries and puts them in her “God box,” then she lets go. Occasionally, she says she visits the “God box” to put in and take out and finds that no “worry” ever remains in there very long. I really loved this idea. I think we all need God boxes.

Mass at Holy Family

And a healing service as well.

We also had our church business, which was all good! We got some really cool gifts, too. Coffee mugs and awesome cowboy boot “folders”, hand-made by our Casper family.

And great presentations and updates on our churches across the country. These two (below) look like they are having fun, don’t they? Nicole and Natalia are the children of our Father Julio Jimenez and his wife, Mareus of St. Joseph of Glastonbury in Wichita, Kansas.