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How fun! Thanks to the one of my favorite bloggers: A.D. Duling, I got an award and get to post the lovely Kreative Blogger Award on my blog! Thank you A.D! Here is that lovely award:

Isn’t it cute! Now part of receiving this wonderful award is that I continue on with this kindness and nominate 7 other blogs that I feel deserving of this award.  After that I get to answer 10 questions about myself and then 10 random facts about me that you did not know! So here goes!

My 7 nominees:

Got to start with my husband’s blog, cause he’s awesome and so is his blog: Episcoblog: The Online Journal of Bishop Leo Michael http://episcoblog.holycatholicanglican.org/ He’s an Anglican Bishop and posts from knowledge of faith matters. Good stuff!

Jennifer Donohoe, Author: http://jenniferdonohoe.com/blog.html Jennifer has a YA book, an excellent book of substance, coming out soon. Up and coming, great writer and blogger! Support her by visiting her blog.

Trisha Faye: So Many Books…So Little Time –  An author who celebrates life and invites readers to do the same in her blog. http://trishafaye.wordpress.com/about/

Writing Between the Lines: Life from a Writer’s POV – http://naomibaltuck.wordpress.com/  – Along with fascinating blog posts, Naomi Baltuck also puts up a weekly photo challenge.

ELK JERKY FOR THE SOUL: It’s tough but you need it- http://elkjerkyforthesoul.wordpress.com/  – This wonderful blog by Michael and Mary Findley is chock full of good stuff, as meaty as elk jerky. (thought I never had elk jerky). I love the book reviews and insightful posts! Great blog that deserves to be awarded.

Stitching Words- Francene Stanley http://francene-wordstitcher.blogspot.com/ – I just love Francene’s writing. She’s a delightful kind soul from England. I was so blessed to meet her in person when I traveled there. Her blog expresses the deep thoughtfulness of her beautiful soul. AND she’s a superb author. Check out her book: Wind Over Troubled Waters that she wrote with Edith Parzefall.

RICK BYLINA: THE ONLY RULE: WRITERS WRITE! EVERYTHING ELSE IS A GUIDELINE.– http://rickbylina.blogspot.com/ If you haven’t checked out Rick’s blog, you must! He’s an excellent author. You’ll love his books and his blog. He will keep you laughing. Really! Don’t miss this blog for anything.

Now to answer my 10 questions:

1. What is your favorite song? I’m so eclectic with my music. I love old Hymns , rock and roll, classical, country western, anything uplifting. No heavy metal. Can’t say I have a favorite. It’s like asking if I have a favorite child.

2. What is your favorite dessert?  Ice cream! Any kind or a bowl of three different kinds.

3. What ticks you off? People who gush about how much they love you then turn around and stick it to you.

4. What do you do when you’re upset?  Complain and cry to my husband or kids, then instantly get over it.

5. Which is/was your favorite pet? Growing up on a farm and having raised three kids, there have been many and I can’t say one was the favorite. But…Betsy loved Pepper, our black cocker spaniel the best!

6. Which do you prefer, black or white? In clothes, black because it’s slimming and white washes me out.

7.What is your biggest fear?  Anything untoward happening to my family.

8. What is your attitude mostly? Happy and fun-loving.

9.What is perfection? God.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Ice Cream and shoes.

Ten random facts about me:

1. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin on a peninsula very close to Lake Michigan, but can’t swim.

2. I’m married to an Anglican bishop from India (Holy Catholic Church-Anglican Rite) and I have three children ages Nick-17, Betsy-20, Jake-22.

3. I am a traditionalist

4. I love to travel.

5. I have vivid detailed dreams. Sometimes I dream as soon as I close my eyes, before I am actually asleep. Sometimes my dreams come true.

6.  I believe in miracles and trust God above all things

7. I have a phone phobia. I hate talking on the phone. It makes me nervous.

8. I don’t like TV, except for The Voice, Dancing with Stars and sometimes the news.

9. I love sleep!

10. I’m the seventh child out of ten children. My husband is also the seventh child.

So thanks for dropping in and relishing in this award with me. Do check out those nomoniees PLEASE!