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How can I not blog about this picture? Yep, that’s my son, Nick. Way to go, Kiddo! Nick was featured in this photo (by Anthony Reyes – NWAOnline) and an article in the local newspaper. What a moment for Nick! Amazing stuff happens when we have goals, work really hard, stretch ourselves, and keep our eye on the ball.

I have so much going on in my world that I feel like ten balls are being thrown at me at once and they’re just hitting me in the face. I’m like this guy (only change “Everytime I see a math word problem” for “Life”

I need to sort out the ice cubes, apples, pancakes in my life, put sense and order to a few things and keep my eye on my goal–finishing my next book.

And I’m hoping for a touchdown…to catch a contract on my first book! Hope it comes soon! I’m hoping and praying for a lot of things. God knows what they are. Focus. Work hard. Eye on the ball! I can do it! Thanks Nick! You’re awesome and you inspire me! Nick really is an exemplary child. Always has been. I’m a proud mom of Nick…and Jake and Betsy too!