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Woohoo!!! This is the best way to end this A to Z challenge! My son, Jake, a tight-end with the Wisconsin Badgers, now has a new Zip Code! He just signed with the New Orleans Saints. Thanks be to God!

Want to know more about Jake Byrne, including his battles with type 1 diabetes, and how he got to be a “saint,” read below:





New Orleans! My shocked kids!

Yes YOU! You did it Jake! You were an awesome player in high school, even while struggling with a diabetes diagnosis. 

You were a fantastic Badger!

So proud of you!!

And a good brother to sister Betsy and to brother Nick!

Congratulations Jake!!!! Whew! Glad the A to Z challenge is over and Jake got on an NFL Team. Go Saints! I also got an agent for my novel and hope to be the next one in the family to get a big contract! All glory to God!