Today is Roxanne’s birthday. Roxanne is one of the most kindest, most beautiful souls I’ve been blessed to know, a sweet woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart. She has dedicated her life to ministry, more recently mission work in Haiti orphanages.

Roxanne has been diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia that affected her so quickly, it took everyone by surprise. For the last 120 days she’s been in the hospital. Through it all, her husband Roger’s faith in God is incredible and inspiring. Below is Roxanne and her two sons.

Roxanne’s situation is very grim today. Here’s the latest post from her dear husband, Roger: Today I seriously considered just taking Roxanne Home. We talked with Doctor tonite about that. He said lets wait till Thursday to see if the treatment in spinal fluid has lowered the counts , if it has not then taking her home might be the right thing to do . If it has lowered the count then we should stay the course and keep fighting. This is the first day I have really had to deal with the possibility that the outcome might not be what I want it to be. I know God’s grace will be sufficient but I have cried a lot of tears today. Roxanne still does not know anybody but Doctors say if treatment works in spinal fluid she would probably return to normal. God is still firmly in control!!! Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for a birthday miracle for Roxanne, asking God’s Healing Hand to touch her and restore her to full health. Please pray for His Divine Presence to be with her family. Prayer helps and Roxanne and her family are desperately in need of them. Please pass this along, retweet it, etc, so that many prayer go to Heaven for Roxanne!

Our kids have been best friends with her kids since elementary school. A Facebook post from Roxanne when Jake visited her son, Bobby: Bobby and his best friend Jake Byrne. Congrats to Jake for his football accomplishments at Wisconsin. Jake and his family made a trip to see me here in the hospital this week. What a sweet surprise!