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…because I am in the middle of cutting 20 thousand words from my novel at my agent’s request and have no time to come up with my own O blog. But these blogs are Oh so awesome:

1. Cherie Gagnon from Pages from Stages blogs about: My Family’s Connection to the Titanic.

In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I’d thought to share my family’s connection to that famous, but ill-fated ship.

In 1911, my great-grandfather Tom Cadreanu left Romania to come to Canada, seeking a better life. He decided to brave the journey on his own to explore opportunities, find shelter and land. Once he was established, he sent word to his young wife, Amelia, to come to Canada with their daughter, Flora….click here to read the rest.

It’s a fascinating story. And this is one of my fav blogs! Six writers from different stages chat about faith, laughter, tears, and triumphs.

2. My husband, Bishop Leo Michael, an Orthodox Anglican Bishop, has a lot of O’s going on today at the Episcoblog. He blogs about Omnipotence, Orthodoxy, Orders, and Omniscience & Omnipresence.  Here’s a photo from an ordination (Rev. Julio Jimenez) at our church, St. James Anglican Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

Also, an orange photo from Connecticut, (a pumpkin field) where we visited in the fall, to complete the Person, Place, and Blog theme:

P…please pray for me so that I can complete my edits and keep my novel intact, then maybe I can come up with a popular p post.