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M is for Monkeys because I have about two thousand pictures of monkeys. I just think it’s cool to see a monkey on the roadside (Tamil Nadu, India)…

…or wake up in the morning to a monkey outside your hotel window.

The only monkeys I ever saw, growing up on the farm in Northern Wisconsin,  were ones like this:

And M is also for Lucky 7 Meme. One of my really cool Author/blogger friends, Edith Parzefall, tagged me on her blog and sent me a Lucky 7 Meme Invitation.

The rules: ■Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP ■Go to line 7 ■Copy down the next 7 lines–sentences or paragraphs–and post them as they’re written. No cheating. ■Tag 7 authors ■Let them know.

Sorry Edith, I’m a rule breaker. I cheated. Hope the Lucky Meme police don’t arrest me. I decided to post a short section from Crooked Lines that I just added a couple of days ago. And it mentions…tada…a MONKEY:

Sagai knelt and picked up a small round stone and rolled it in his hands. Perfect ammunition. Those pesky monkeys, now awake and watchful, were known thieves. Would knocking one of those screeching troublemakers out of a tree be a sin? Before he could ponder further, a young novice approached, smiling, and handed him a package. An entire loaf of bread. Enough to share with all at home.

Sagai smiled. “Thank you Sister.”

The novice bowed her head, nodded, and walked away. Before Sagai could run, Sister Mercy marched toward him. She eyed the loaf under his arm. Her nostrils flared. Smack. Her palm cracked against his cheek.


“No, Sister.” Sagai pointed, blinking back tears. “That novice gave it to me.”

Sister Mercy wagged her finger. “Even so, you know that I usually give you the bread. You should not have accepted it from her.” She snatched the loaf from Sagai’s hands and thrust her two slices toward him.”

Sagai reluctantly took it, then ran all the way to Little Lake without stopping. On the grass beside the water, he stared at the bread. He didn’t come to church to get free bread. He came to serve the Lord. He rubbed his cheek. A monkey stared at him from the rock. Sagai tossed the bread at him. “Have it. I don’t want it.”


If you’re still with me cool. Thanks!

And I’ll list seven A to Z bloggers that I visited and liked today: (You can Lucky Meme if you want. No pressure.)

1. Our Life in a Caravan A mesmeric blog about living life in a caravan in the UK.

2. Anna Smith, also from the UK at Universal Gibberish blogs about dreams, movies, writing, and all that’s in between. Mighty fine!

3. The Anglers Rest is a blog about the ramblings & obsessions of a fisherman’s wife! ~ a real assortment, with snippets of genealogy, books, cross stitching, scrapbooking, collectables,our travels and photographs,web pages and general ramblings. A Masterpiece!

4.  A Heart 4 Heaven by Elaine Bride is Magnificent. She blogs devotions of hope and encouragement for those who are longing for Home. Nice post today about motherhood: A Mother’s Prayers

5.Elaine Smith’s blog: Not Exactly Blogging has a memorable blog about living, learning, and writing.

6. Amanda Saint has a blog worth mentioning. Saintly Writer blogs about reading, writing, food and life.

7. Small World Big Dreams is a Marvelous blog by Alyssia, an Award-winning aspiring romance author who loves Animals, Junior Mints, Harry Potter, Sneaker Pimps, and doing stuff with her fabulous hubby.

Tomorrow is a Sunday break..See you on Monday for N.. Never can tell what I’ll think of next.