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It’s late. No time to post, so I did a reblog of an older post that began with the letter L. Then….a lovely lady posted a sweet encouraging comment on my blog. She said that she would pray for me. I needed prayer. It’s been a tiring week. So, with that I got inspired to redo my A-Z Blog Challenge, using the letter L in my Person, Place, and Blog theme.

PERSON: The lovely lady who offered prayers of encouragement: Author Becky Doughty and her book starts with L: Life Letters: Fruit of the Spirit

Her book sounds lovely and I’m going to buy it. This is from Becky’s website: In my new book, Life Letters: The Fruit of the Spirit, I have reconstructed in letter form the memoirs of several women from Biblical history. Life Letters: The Fruit of The Spirit is a collection of letters introducing us to nine of these women whose lives demonstrate what it means to produce the character traits of a believer; the “fruit” of the Spirit. Each letter focuses on one of the fruit listed in Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, while expressing the joys and sorrows, the blessings and hardships, of being a woman, regardless of generation, culture or status. It is my prayer that by giving each one a voice of her own, these matriarchs of the faith will speak into your life as they share from the their hearts.

Here’s Becky’s bio: I grew up the daughter of missionaries on the island of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, where letters were the only means of communication with friends and family back home in the United States. The power of the written word was instilled in me at a very young age and I lived vicariously through those precious letters as well as through the pages of the many books that filled my imagination with adventure, romance, and far-away places. To this day, if I’ve gone missing, my family knows that I’m probably tucked into a corner of my garden, book – or pen – in hand. Kevin, my champion husband, and I, along with our three copacetic children, share our lives with two pound pups named Vito and Betsy, Hollie The Horse, a wee herd of dairy goats, and a flock of fat hens who lay (liquid) golden eggs. For more information about me and my books, or to contact me, please visit www.beckydoughtybooks.com.

Doesn’t she sound like a lovely person!

Places we visited this past year that begin with an L: Lander, Wyoming

And London

And another lovely Blog: Life’s Little Surprises by Emma L. Moore

She blogs about Live, Laugh, Love. Live life to its fullest. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way that will further your purpose. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Step out of your comfort zone and into place that makes you a little uneasy…. Check it out!

M…is next…Maybe I’ll be more creative