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While wondering what “E” word to blog about, thinking of E for Editing those 20 thousand words my agent wants me to trim from my novel, the word of the day from dictionary.com dinged on my iphone: Ephebe. Curious, I clicked the link.

Ephebe [ih-FEEB] – noun. A young man.

Look at this young man from India, a seminarian, serving in an orphange in Madras, (now Chennai) years ago. He’s my husband now and I am very blessed.

And another E word: Easter. This week, my husband (an Anglo-Catholic Bishop) and I are preparing for Easter at St. James Anglican Church, our parish in Kansas City. He is also doing the A to Z challenge. This morning he blogged about the word Eucharist on his Episcoblog.

That’s all for E today. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and F.