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My theme is: Person, Place or Blog. Today I’m posting photos of four people who are blessings, three places I’ve been in the last year where I’ve felt blessed to visit, and three A-Z blogs that are Blessings. All begin with B.

1. My husband, Bishop Leo Michael

2. Beautiful daughter, Betsy:

3. and 4. Best Boys: Jake and Nick

5. Beautiful places I’ve been in the last year:

Beach in Goa, India

Boadwalk in Charleston, SC

Badger Game 2012 Rose Bowl Pasedena, California And three A – Z Blogs that I found to be a Blessing today:

Writing Like Crazy: http://ninidee.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/believe-2/  (Inspirational)

Sarah Mogran’s A Gringuita in Costa Rica: Expat Reflections from the Free Zone  (Always a blessing to learn something new)

Brand New Day: http://www.evolvingsoul11.com/ (More inspiration)

Get ready for Cool C!