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My novel, Crooked Lines, is now represented by an Agent. What a fun way to start the A to Z challenge. But wait, there’s more. My Agent’s name is Amanda at Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency. And wait, there’s even more. Big thanks to Ann HiteA is for this Angel, who read my manuscript and talked it up to her Agent at Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency.

Ann is the Author of the Award-winning novel, Ghost on Black Mountain. Check out my review on her captivating novel. Thanks ANN!!!

Heading to church now, St. James Anglican, where my husband, Bishop Leo Michael, is pastor. Can’t be late!

Wondering about Anglicanism? Check out my husband’s blog: Episcoblog. He’s also an A to Z blogger, posting about Anglicanism today. Gotta love the letter A. Tomorrow, we move on to B. Be Blessed!