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Frothy whitecaps shimmer under a pale disc of a moon as waves crash onto the shoreline and cascade like thunder over my ankles. A continuous oceanic roar swallows my acclamations of awe.

Words can hardly describe the majestic beauty of many places I’ve been blessed to visit, but as a writer, I wrest the best sensory descriptions from my mind onto pages. The scene described above was in Goa, India at midnight on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

Consider another beach scene. Crystal blue water merges into snow-white sands while sheep rest under rocky outcrops. Iona, Scotland, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Below photos by me.

Come away from the sea to ancient ruins in Walsingham, England. Breath musky fragrances along ivy-lined paths and twiggy thickets. (see my photo in my header. That’s from Walsingham. I also took this photo there.

I can’t even find words to describe the vivid colors of nature in Kent, Connecticut in Autumn.  Here’s a photo I snapped.

The Wind River Canyon in Wyoming must have been carved by the breath of God. You can’t just drive through it. You have to stop at the turn-outs, let go of the air in your lungs, and whisper, “wow!”

Thanks to God and to my wonderful husband I’ve been able to visit these and many other incredible places. Sometimes the grandeur of the locale laughs at my words that dare to describe it’s beauty.

Even photographs can’t do justice to what the eye sees. From Tiger Hills, India, watching the sun appear over the Kanchenjunga-one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas-and turn the white snow-capped mountains to gold is well…sorry no words. But I can tell you a place that helps me find words when I’m at a loss. The Bookshelf Muse.

I’ve incorporated a lot of my visits all around India in my novel, Crooked Lines. Look at this picture.

It’s mist falling on a Tamil Nadu hill-station around my husband and our nieces and nephews. Isn’t my niece Shilpa, cute? She’s a sweetheart.

Hazy whiteness and curls of smoky air currents obscure the surroundings. Muted light and color can hide movement. Cool dewy sensation to the skin.

The words above are lifted from The Bookshelf Muse Blog. The website is chock-full of inspiration. I can replace the word “surroundings” with my own words. I can play with the words, using my own creativity.

I’m a stalker at The Bookshelf Muse. I peek at the Settings Thesaurus, check out the Weather Thesaurus, linger at the Symbolism Thesaurus, creep around the Color Texture and Shape Thesaurus, and park myself at the Emotion Thesaurus until I cry in amazement at the words the site inspires me to string together. The Bookshelf Muse provides a plethora of help for any writer.

So, if you travel or even if you don’t, take The Bookshelf Muse wherever your journey takes you. And journey back to www.writingstraight.com too. It’s a great place to visit. One of my favorites.