Guest BlogFrancene Stanley

I’m new to this blogger business too. I love the way you’ve set up your page with an inspirational picture on top, which sets the scene for a crooked path along a journey. Of course, the path has to veer around a tree–those ancient beings who breathe for the planet. We rely on their greenery to release gases that prevent the sun from scorching us. Without trees, we’d cease to exist. Yet we turn a blind eye to the destruction of forests, and instead concentrate on the book in our hand. The shame of treasuring paper. But that’s another story.

My reason to write built up gradually. Over the years, I came to understand how one thing influences another. My wisdom increased and I wanted to share my learning. Let me diverse. The dark areas along the forest path seem to weigh a person down. Sometimes I confess a desire to give up–to shut down, sit and moulder–and never bother to contact another person. But, I struggle on until the canopy overhead lightens and the truth shimmers into my mind. That test taught me how to continue, even though I couldn’t see the way ahead.

In each story I write, the personalities carry their own load from the past. They enter the dark forest and plough on, in their own way. Some stumble but they always learn something. What am I trying to say?

Even the worst thing that could possibly happen to a person can build up strength. In fact, trials seem to work for good. I say ‘can’. Maybe this doesn’t happen every time. If a person is too overburdened, they couldn’t listen to the little voice inside that whispers encouragement. On the other hand, if a person lives a privileged life and faces no major challenges, they have no opportunity for growth.

I want to share optimism. I want to think that good thoughts can influence more than we know. If a person who reads a story of mine gains a grain of optimism, I will have accomplished something, which may then go on to influence even more. Say I dropped a pebble into still water. The ripples would spread in a circle, and touch the shore in many different places.


Note from Holly Michael: I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Francene and her husband when my husband and I traveled to England recently. Francene, the photograph on the top of my blog was actually taken on an earlier trip to England, at Glastonbury. Francene Stanley just signed a contract with Solstice Publishing for her book, Still Rock Water. I am a fan of her writing!