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Writing Straight, Crooked Lines, God, Virgin Mary. How does it all connect?

My husband’s (an Anglican Bishop) favorite maxim is: God writes straight with crooked lines. Crooked Lines became the title of my first novel. All credit goes to God for everything in my life. I’ve posted these photos (taken by me) and am dedicating my first blog to the Blessed Virgin Mary because of this recent experience: Staying with our friend, Father Joseph Matthew (administrator), at a quiet private novitiate in Rosemead, California, I discovered these images on the courtyard sidewalk in front of our room on January 1st, 2012 (feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God). My husband and I were in Rosemead to watch our son, Jake Byrne (Wisconsin Badger now awaiting the NFL draft) play in the 2012 Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena. The rose (notice the rose theme) is a symbol for the Virgin Mary, also called the Mystical Rose. Father Joseph Matthew, whom my husband has known since childhood, had been watering potted plants on the sidewalk and the water stain formed this image. The circular mark in the center bottom (left) was where the pot rested.

Therefore, I begin this blog with a special thanks to God who leads and inspires, to the Blessed Virgin Mary (my mother in Heaven), to my husband Leo (my soulmate), and to our kids, Jake, Betsy, and Nick. I’m very grateful that my life has been filled with miracles, blessings, and travels around the globe. I hope this blog will be a place to be inspired through the sharing of faith and writing as we travel through life’s crooked lines.