Book Review: Crooked Lines by Holly Michael


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Awesome Book Review and website! Crooked Lines #3 in an inspirational fiction category!

Book Review: Crooked Lines by Holly Michael.

Another Great Day!


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Sorry, readers…heading to the finish line on the devotional that Jake and I are writing together (contracted with Harvest House): First and Goal to Go: What Football Taught Me About Never Giving Up. Deadline: SEPTEMBER 1st!! So, I’ve only had time for quick posts of top priority, like bragging about my kids. Sorry, I’m a mom. It’s something I can’t control sometimes. Especially when they are type one diabetic and score touchdowns in the NFL!!! (post before this one.)

Okay, I’ll stop. Well, I can’t! Sorry, I just have to brag one more time. Well, maybe two more times. But, look at how cute adorable Betsy is! It’s her 23rd Birthday today!!!

Image (1)And she’s in grad school and teaching through a graduate assistantship job! Not only cute, but smart! Happy birthday, Betsy!!

meandbooOk, one more tiny brag. Totally can’t forget Nick, that cutie-pie!. He’s just starting the football season at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. So, I’ll hold off on posting a picture, because it’s Betsy’s day, but I’m sure he’ll feature here soon, probably running into the end zone for a touchdown. Congrats to all the cuties! Love you all and so proud!

Ok, back to that devotional!

Oh, wait! I forgot to brag about myself! Crooked Lines made #1 in the Inspirational Fiction category on Amazon yesterday!!!

Crooked3 (1)Woohoo! The Kindle version price is lowered to $1.99 just for today, so if you haven’t got it yet, now is the time!!

So…now, I really got to get back to edits! I’m done bragging, I swear!


Great Day!!


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San+Diego+Chargers+v+Seattle+Seahawks+ICLcPDab_0BlToday is a great day for several reasons! First all, because it’s Sunday! The day of the Lord…and…

…secondly, this cutie above is playing the San Francisco 49ers today. Last week Jake had his first touchdown against the Seahawks!

Go Jake! Do it again! #proudmom (gotta use that hashtag on #gameday).

Game time: 3:00 pm CT

Isn’t he a cutie?



…since I’ve recently launched my debut novel, CROOKED LINES, I chose today as a KINDLE sale day!

Crooked Lines is only $1.99 today!

Church. Football. Then a good read. :-) Great way to spend Sunday…oh, and if you missed church, Crooked Lines is a spiritually themed book, so you’ll get some good inspiration, along with a some drama and a bit of mystery.

Crooked3 (1)Here’s the blurb for CROOKED LINES and the link to buy it at KINDLE, HERE and below the blurb, too.

On the shores of Lake Michigan, Rebecca Meyer seeks escape. Guilt-ridden over her little sister’s death, she sets her heart on India, a symbol of peace.

Across the ocean in South India, Sagai Raj leaves his tranquil hill station home and impoverished family to answer a higher calling. Pushing through diverse cultural and religious milieus, he labors toward his goals, while wrong turns and bad choices block Rebecca from hers.

Traveling similar paths and bridged across oceans through a priest, the two desire peace and their divine destiny. But vows and blind obedience at all costs must be weighed…and buried memories, unearthed.

Crooked Lines, a beautifully crafted debut novel, threads the lives of two determined souls from different continents and cultures. Compelling characters struggle with spirituality through despair and deceptions in search of truth.


God Shows Nicole the Way to Go

Holly Michael:

I read Nicole Quigly’s YA novel, Like Moonlight at Low Tide on a recommendation a few months ago. I really loved it! She won the Carol Award for this book and she’s featured on India’s Crown today.

Originally posted on India's Crown in Christian Literature Excellence - ICICLE:

Quigley_Promotion_008-F (5)

India’s Crown welcomes Nicole Quigley this week with her lovely novel Like Moonlight at Low Tide, an inspirational romance for young adults.  

Nicole, thank you for visiting us this week and sharing! We’re glad to have you!  Let’s jump right in. When did you realize you were a writer? 

 For me, it was a process of admitting it to myself. I always knew I had to write, as if I might just disappear if I didn’t. But writing so that others might read my work was a wholly different effort. That requires sacrifice, and it wasn’t until I started facing hard questions that I really figured out what writing meant to me.

When you set your mind to finishing your manuscript and finding critique for it, you’re faced with hard decisions on whether to spend your time on something you have no idea will be any “good.” It…

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Christian Authors and Readers, please go to this site and forward and tweet to your friends. Authors: If you can’t attend, consider donating books for free reviews. Readers: Please check out the site and tweet and share on Facebook.  It’ll be a great event!


You Will Die. What Next?


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untitled (6)Robin Williams is trending today. Sadly not because of his amazing talents, but as we all know by now, his sad death by apparent suicide.

He had me at Mork. I loved Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting…the list goes on. Who didn’t love the funny man who was also a philanthropist, raising money for humanitarian causes.

Scanning Facebook and Twitter postings, I discovered two categories. Those saddened by the loss of the dear soul from this world and those wondering about his soul in the next world.

My husband and I often travel out west. Somewhere, I think on I-70, there’s a black billboard with white lettering that reads, “You Will Die. What Next?” I always say, “That’s the most profound faith statement that can ever be made.”

Ever wonder what’s next? Do you think about what happens to a soul of a person who takes their own life? Important topics to ponder. Can lead to questions that we all need to ask ourselves.

Some say, “God is mercy. Even though Robin took his life, he went to Heaven.” God is merciful, but the Bible also tell us that our salvation is our to work out, as Saint Paul says, “with fear and trembling.” Salvation isn’t an automatic given.

When my son was four years old, while in the back of the SUV, out of the blue he asked, “Mom, how do you get to Heaven.”

While I pondered how to answer this lofty question so a four year old would understand, he interrupted my thoughts and said, “Never mind, Mom. I know. Jesus comes and takes your hand.”
untitled (5)
I hope Robin Willams took Jesus’ hand and flew to Heaven. I hope he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, even in the last moment, like the thief on the cross next to Jesus.

I am not the judge of Robin Williams soul. But, however, when we die we will have to face one question. What next?

Crooked Lines: From America to India Along Life’s Crooked Lines


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Holly Michael:

My novel, Crooked Lines, is featured on India’s Crown, a premier site linking American authors to Indian Readers. Find out some fascinating facts about Crooked Lines and some awesome pictures of India, too! Read on!!

Originally posted on India's Crown in Christian Literature Excellence - ICICLE:

104 (2)

I’m so pleased to introduce my debut novel, CROOKED LINES, on our premier site, India’s Crown. It’s been such a pleasure launching this site with talented and acclaimed author Caryl McAdoo. We’ve also added new talent from India to our team, lovely blogger and social media expert, Natasha Lopez from the Mumbai area.

Like INDIA’S CROWNCROOKED LINES–a novel set partly in India and partly in American–blends two cultures. Here’s my answers to a few of our interview questions.

How do you suppose a reader living in a different culture—such as India—will relate to your book?

Crooked3 (1)CROOKED LINES was inspired from stories of my husband and clergy friends who came of age in a religious order in India in the mid-1980s. Their tales as young seminarians (80s and into the 1990s and beyond) fascinated me—serving in a Mumbai slum, meeting Mother Teresa, freeing “untouchables” from bonded labor situations, rescuing youth out of radical communist situations, working in orphanages.

I also laughed with them at…

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Crooked Lines: From America to India Along Life’s Crooked Lines


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Crooked Lines: From America to India Along Life’s Crooked Lines. India’s Crown (ICICLE) symbolicea premier site linking American Authors to India Readers featured my novel, Crooked Lines! Read for a fascinating look at how Crooked Lines came to be and a photos from India.

Also, a chance to win a free signed copy of Crooked Lines!

Facebook Book Page


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Many authors have author Facebook pages, personal Facebook pages, but this morning I was invited to “like” a “Book Page.” Maybe it’s customary and I’m just not with it, but I hadn’t yet seen a Book Page for one specific book. Seems like a great idea because you can streamline information, updates, and chatting just about one specific book. I like the idea.

So…since I just launched my novel, Crooked Lines, I made a sweet Facebook page for it, called Crooked Lines, A Novel.

photo (4)

What do you think?

If you like it, “like” it! Please.

If you’re an author, do you have a Book Page for each book?

NFL Aspirations and Novelist Dreams: Follow the fairytales as they come true


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Holly Michael:

Just over two years ago, I published this blog post, one of my firsts. Jake and I had big dreams. NFL Player and Novelist. We’ve held tight to those dreams and we made it. Jake’s an NFL Player (Please pray for him. He starts camp today). Though as dreams go, it’s not always an easy pathway. He was on a few practice squads and cut a few times before getting on the regular roster with the San Diego Chargers (#81). And me? Yes, I’m officially the author of a novel, now published. Check out my Crooked Lines Page to the left. And for a bonus, Jake and I got a contract from Harvest House to write a devotional. More updates on that later…final stages of edits now. It’s been a lot of work and we’ve come a long way and have a lot of work still to be done, but we’re pushing onward! Thanks for coming along with us on our journeys.

Originally posted on Holly Michael's Writing Straight:

I don’t remember the dream, only the worried face that popped into it. Jake. My four-year-old. Why was his face in my dream? Minutes later, a tap on my shoulder woke me.

“Had a bad dream, Mom,” Jake said.

I lifted the covers, pulled Jake close, and kissed the top of his head, amazed at this strange connection that allowed my son’s fears to travel from his dreams into mine.

Mom’s have connections like that with their children. Sometimes a prickle of worry regarding one of my kids will flash in my mind like a sudden rainstorm pocking up a calm lake. I stop, drop, and pray. Most times, I discover those feelings were on the mark, and my child needed prayers.

Jake had dreams of becoming an NFL player. What little boy doesn’t? Then as a sophomore in high school, he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Jake refused to accept it as an obstacle. He wanted to play football on a college…

View original 254 more words


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